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Retirement is a Multi-Generational Family Affair

How will retirement impact your family? 

When we retire we are usually thinking about how the decision effects us and our spouse.  In reality, the 30 years or so we'll spend as a retiree will also have a big impact on our children and grandchildren.    

Retirement is supposed to be about independence. No one wants to become dependent, financially or otherwise, on adult children.  However, family members are usually the first line of defense when caring for aging parents.  This often creates unintended problems and consequences as family members try to juggle their careers and these care giving responsibilities. 

On the other hand, younger generations often want to help Mom and Dad without knowing the costs and commitment involved before they start.  But care giving might require skills and experience that they don't possess.

Whether you are a retiree or the adult children of aging parents, I would like to help you create a retirement plan with contingencies that go beyond the scope of making money last throughout this period.  

  • What happens if spouses can no longer care for each other?
  • How do I know that bills are being paid on time?
  • Who can take me (or my parents) to doctor appointments if I cannot do so?
  • How do I manage housing needs?
  • How should I manage a cognitive or physical decline?
  • How can I juggle caring for parents while holding a job?
  • Does the current retirement plan allow for contingencies?

Retirement planning should incorporate strategies that address the possibilities and probabilities that come with aging.  Let's work together with your family to minimize the negative costs financially and personally to your family.