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Customized Financial Planning

The financial services industry seems to be on a mission to commoditize investing and financial planning.  As such, it increasingly lacks a personal approach. While many of us have similar goals and challenges, assuming that a generic recommendation applies  in each situation today can lead to expensive and avoidable problems in the future.  

As a fee-only fiduciary firm, providing you with the knowledge and resources you need to be successful is a priority for me and the specialists I consult. Without commission incentives and conflicts of interests in the picture, I am able to deliver recommendations that solely serve your interests. There’s a lot of technical jargon in this industry.  My goal is to recommend solutions to often complex problems in a manner that is easy to understand and implement.  



You are in the accumulation phase of life, usually balancing career and family life.  You realize that you don't have the time, training, or tools to manage your investments without taking away from your other priorities. Investment Management
Let me take on the role of investment management for you. This is the period in your life to focus on increasing your career income and spending time with your family. Taking on the role of managing your own investments will result in less time for those other pursuits. And, probably, lower results.


You are approaching retirement and want to ensure that you are making decisions that will provides piece of mind that so you can retire with confidence.   Retirement Planning
Social Security, pension, stocks and more. We’ll identify all potential sources of income so you can look forward to your life after your career ends.

Just as important, together we'll create a plan to better manage the eventualities of growing older and significantly reduce stress not only for retirees but also for their families by knowing how to deal with various situations.  


It isn't just what you make, it is what you keep!  Investments & Taxes 
I'll work with your tax specialist to provide end of year documents to make your life easier. In addition, tax efficient overlays can be incorporated to your account to mitigate taxes. Feel confident once filing season comes around with a strategic tax planning approach that keeps your numbers in order so no detail falls through the cracks.


Insurance protects what you have and provides liquidity for those catastrophic events that would otherwise disrupt your life and finances.   Insurance Alternatives
My access to insurance specialists can help you to review insurance solutions that offer the most value at a price that’s right for you. While I am not licensed to sell insurance products, I can provide provide guidance and save you time when considering insurance.