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A Valuable Team at the Helm

Gone are the days when name-brand brokerage firms controlled financial services.  Today a nimble firm can build an open architecture practice to provide high level financial planning and investment services without the high cost of supporting numerous departments that are only used occasionally. This business strategy has allowed me to assemble a team of specialists in various fields that can be called upon to help give you a great experience.  These professionals are on the speed dial, but not on the payroll.  

With TradePMR as a custodian, I have access to the Life Event Services team of Wells Fargo Advisors, a collection of insurance, tax and retirement specialist, attorneys, CPA's, and other professionals that I often consult about planning issues.   

In addition to this team are the local attorneys, CPA's, Trust Officers, etc., with whom I confer and refer. I have also built relationships with local specialists in the area of care giving and other services required by older retirees and their families.  

By avoiding the overhead of having a large staff while still have the benefits of experts, I can provide a higher level of service with a smaller number of clients.  You will never be a number with Ocean Advisors!   

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Drew Waterbury

Principal & Manager

I have been in the investment services business since I was in high school, working with my father after school and helping out on weekends.  I left high school a semester early to work full time at Quick & Reilly, a NYSE brokerage firm, where my father was the manager of the St. Petersburg, Fl, office.  That summer I worked as a runner on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange.  I attended Hampden-Sydney College and, after graduation in 1984, returned to St. Petersburg to work with my father at Quick & Reilly again.  When an opening for the manager of the Charlotte, NC, office became available in 1987, the Quick family was good enough to promote me to that position. 

By 2001 Quick & Reilly had been sold and, with the new owner changing the business model and culture, I decided to make a change of my own.  I joined Scott & Stringfellow, then a division of BB&T Bank.  After a few years and frustrations, I felt I needed a better business model than the traditional stock brokerage practice.  After looking at the available options it became clear that I needed to create my own practice.  Thus, Ocean Advisors, LLC, was created in late 2005. 

Over the course of the years since 1984, I have seen bull markets and bear markets, market crashes, recessions, S&L bailouts, wars, Dot bomb/NASDAQ meltdown, Enron, Bernie, housing crisis, etc.  I try to be a student of the market so that I can provide my clients with thoughtful guidance and recommendations as applies to their investment portfolios. 

I have been a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERâ„¢  practioner since 1998. I use this education and my years of professional experience to create financial plans and investment strategies for my clients.